Minor British Institutions: The Corby Trouser Press

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"Whatever the day holds, travelling, working or simply relaxing, trousers always crumple. The original crease fades and wrinkles appear, particularly behind the knees. The Corby press gently smoothes wrinkled trousers back into shape and refreshes a smart crease. It is appreciated by people who value both their time and appearance."

Indeed it is, and John Corby limited are right to remind us of their product's special place in our lives. Much like the Gideon bible, the Corby trouser press has been a fixture in hotel rooms for many decades now, though perhaps a less common sight than it was, due to the rise of "casual" wear.

The original John Corby Company was established by John Corby in Windsor in 1930 as a manufacturer of valet stands. These were later improved with the addition of a pressing area, which became electrically heated in the 1960s. In 1977 John Corby Limited became part of what is now Jourdan Plc and production is undertaken at Peterlee, County Durham. Our choice is the Corby Statesman version, retailing at around £275, though the range starts at £130. You need never suffer wrinkly knees gain.