Roman hoard of coins dug up in Devon


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The discovery of a hoard of coins, a cemetery and a lost settlement in Devon is being hailed as one of the most significant Roman discoveries in Britain for decades.

Archaeologists believe the settlement in Devon indicates that the Romans controlled much more of the West Country than had previously been realised.

They were known to have reached Exeter but there have been doubts about how much more of Devon and Cornwall they occupied. So important are the finds that the location is being kept secret, being described only as "several miles west" of Exeter.

Sam Moorhead, an Iron Age and Roman coins adviser for the British Museum said the initial finds are just the start of studies that will last for years: "It is the beginning of a process that promises to transform our understanding of the Roman invasion and occupation of Devon. I believe we may even find more settlements in this area in the next few years."

The settlement was found after an enthusiast using a metal detector unearthed the coins and alerted archaeologists.