Charlie Charlie Challenge explained: Video guide to understanding mysterious Mexican demon

A handy video guide to understanding the scariest pencil game

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Type "Charlie Charlie Challenge" into YouTube and you will get hundreds of compilation videos showing thousands of people freaking out and screaming at the simple sight of a pencil moving of its our accord whilst balanced on top of another pencil.

The challenge is nothing new, having existed for many years and with some suggesting - without evidence - that it comes from an old Mexican tradition.  Regardless of its origins, the pencil game has suddenly reemerged as a new viral sensastion.

To play the game, grab a sheet of paper and draw two lines on it to make a cross. Put a “yes” in the top right and bottom left hand corner, and a “no” in the remaining two.

Then put a pencil right on the line going across. Balance another pencil on top of that, along the line going downwards.

To properly summon the demon, according to the game, you then have to ask “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?”

Videos show pencils around the world allegedly moving of their own accord, but is there something less sinister and more simple, even scientific, to this internet craze? You can find out the secret to the Charlie Charlie Challenge in the video below: