How to win at Monopoly... just by using maths


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It’s a great way to frustrate your friends and family while also providing entertainment for hours.

But Business Insider have come up with a way to increase the probability of winning a game of Monopoly with a video that analyses how likely a person is to land on any spot of the board.

According to Walter Hickey, the only random element in the game is the outcome of the dice roll, the most common of which is seven.

With that, Mr Hickey shows that there are certain “hotspots” on the board which players are more likely to land on.

While the video makes use of Atlantic City place names that will be unfamiliar to British players, the best places to buy, it seems, are between Pall Mall and Coventry street – that’s the pink, orange, red and two of the yellow properties, for those who can’t remember.

Mr Hickey said: "If it were only dice rolls around a circle, each space would be equally likely, and that is really boring.

"By far, one of the biggest things that change the frequency people hit certain spaces is Jail.

"Every space that comes after jail gets landed on more frequently than other spaces because jail serves as a sink.

"People get pulled from the rest of the board and emerge from jail."