The 'make it rain' gun is the profligate present you need this Christmas

Ammunition sold separately

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As pointless ways to spend $59.99 go, it doesn't come much better than the Cash Canon, an Uzi which fires dollar bills surely soon coming to a Rick Ross video near you.

Because flipping out notes with your hand isn't frivolous and tasteless enough, the gun allows notes to be dispensed at a much higher frequency.

One customer posted a video of it in action (below), littering his floor with money and electing to make it rain on his dog (who wasn't best pleased).

The device uses a simple motor and rubber roller assembly that creates enough friction to move US dollar bills and other paper items smoothly out of the chamber, the squeeze trigger allowing the user to control the speed at which it is made to rain.

The Cash Cannon has proven an instant hit and is already out of stock on the official website.