Otter of nightmares preys on alligator

Clash follows 'five hour battle' between crocodile and snake

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Lake Woodruff National Refuge in Florida has released pictures of an otter eating an alligator, posting this nightmare fuel to its Facebook page.

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The astonishing photos were taken by Geoff Walsh (worryingly for visitors, at the refuge's 'entrance road') in 2011, and were reposted today, because if you have pictures of an otter duking it out with an alligator, you don't just post them once.

Otters' diets typically involve a lot of fish spiced up with the odd frog, crab or even small mammal, but this particular animal had a penchant for something a lot larger, appearing to bite down on the alligator as it thrashed around.


It has been a bad week for reptiles, with last week seeing a snake force down a crocodile after a 'five-hour battle'.

The otter was not seen again after the incident, and if there is any justice it has headed off to the north Atlantic to locate and destroy cannibal rat ship the Lyubov Orlova.