This parrot won't stop reenacting its owners' divorce

Cockatoo launches a fiery rant twice a day

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Parrots are known for copying greetings, catchphrases and occasionally the odd swear word, but rarely do they recite a bilious domestic argument.

This Moluccan cockatoo called Peaches has one memorised though, and gives what sounds like an avant garde one parrot performance of a Tennessee Williams play every single day.

According to Elaine Sigmon of North Carolina, Peaches previously belonged to a couple who divorced, and obviously they spent a lot of time arguing as she can recite a good chunk of verbal back-and-forth, dramatically spreading her wings and moving her head.

"We had Peaches for several days when one afternoon she began ranting and raving as if blessing someone out," Sigmon told The Huffington Post.

"My husband, Don, was sitting in the chair near her perch and she began to aggressively point her head toward him just like someone pointing their finger while arguing ... We're not sure what she is saying, but she is really giving her opinion."

  Peaches apparently goes on these rants "once or twice a day," but despite them being incredibly shrill, her new owners apparently find them "hilarious".