'Unique' twigs go on eBay - and attract bids

Twigs not really your thing? How about some handwritten Fresh Prince of Bel Air lyrics, or a voucher with nothing specified on it but a 'five-year guarantee'?

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Apparently you literally can sell anything on eBay, if the six twigs currently up for auction are anything to go by.

Ebay user Wackychop’s listing offers six twigs, all with a “unique personality”, from De Beauvoir Square in London, with a starting price of 99p.

The twigs appear to be in high demand with bids currently at over £25 and rising. Wackychop is also charging the winning bidder £3.20 for postage and packaging.

Hackney-based seller Babak Ganjei also has some other tongue-in-cheek listings, offering Fresh Prince of Bel Air lyrics (bids currently at £10.70), handwritten by him, and a voucher for a "a five year guarantee" (also handwritten).

The listing explains: “Well on offer for you I have a set of six travel size twigs, each with a unique personality so you never have to come unstuck.

“It should be noted these twigs come from De Beauvoir Square, a part of London where a room in a shared house costs a minimum of £600 a month excluding bills, and a sandwich starts at £4.20, thus making these premium twigs and not everyday rubbish.”

The auction ends on 3 April for anyone desperate to get their hands on "travel size" twigs from an upmarket area of London.