Video: Under attack spider explodes unleashing an army of babies

The spider's attacker got more than he bargained for when one spider turned into thirteen

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Isn’t nature gross?

In a scene that would not look to out of place in one of Ridley Scott’s Alien films, a video has captured the moment when a duelling spider explodes causing twelve smaller arachnids to burst out from its back .

The clip begins inconspicuously enough, with the two spiders seemingly sizing each other up as they circle the jar in which they are being kept.

However, when one of the insects comes under attack, it reacts by unleashing an army of twelve tiny spiders in what could be one of the most elaborate forms of self-defence in the animal kingdom.

Video: Watch the exploding spider

The gruesome video was uploaded last week onto video website Newsflare, by nature-enthusiast Mathew Duncan in Chula Vista, California who had initially placed the exploding spider in the jar as food for a spider he had been keeping as a pet.

Mr Duncan said: "I had caught both spiders in my house and I had no idea that one of them had tonnes of babies on its back.

"So I'm glad I caught it and fed it to the other before I had 20-30 spiders disperse in my home. I would love to know what type of spiders these two are."