William Hague calls Labour MP Cathy Jamieson a 'stupid woman' during Prime Minister's Questions

Conservatives risk becoming embroiled in another misogyny row

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The Conservatives risk becoming embroiled in another misogyny row after William Hague was seen to mutter “stupid woman” at a female Labour MP during Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Foreign Secretary, who was sitting next to David Cameron at the time, was reacting to a question from Cathy Jamieson to the Prime Minister about a donation to the Conservative party.

Mr Hague was then seen to mutter “stupid woman” in response to Ms Jamieson’s question.

Ms Jamieson, the Labour MP for Kilmarnock and Loudon, had asked Mr Cameron: “Perhaps the Prime Minister could tell the House whether Mr Aidan Heavey's donations to the Conservative Party had any influence on the Foreign Secretary's intervention in his company's tax dispute“.

Mr Hague was spotted shaking his head, looking directly at Ms Jamieson and saying “stupid woman, stupid woman” as Mr Cameron responded: “The donations to the Conservative Party do not buy votes to our party conference, they don’t buy votes for our leader, they don't mean you can select candidates. That is the unhealthy relationship in British politics”.

The Conservative front bench was previously involved in a PMQs sexism row when, in 2011, David Cameron told Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Angel Eagle to “calm down dear”.

Although Downing Street dismissed the comments as a “humourous remark”, Mr Cameron was heavily criticised for what was seen by many as a patronising and sexist attempt to humiliate Ms Eagle.

And just last week Mr Cameron had to be corrected when he congratulated Andy Murray on becoming the first British player to win Wimbledon in 77 years.

Labour leader Ed Miliband stepped in to remind Mr Cameron that Virginia Wade had in fact won the women’s Wimbledon title in 1977.