Tsvangirai death crash may have been planned

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A car crash which killed the wife of Zimbabwe's Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, may not have been accidental, according to preliminary reports.

Senior officials from Mr Tsvangirai's party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), said investigators doubt the cause of the 6 March crash which killed Susan Tsvangirai and injured her husband. Mr Tsvangirai, who entered into a power-sharing deal with President Robert Mugabe on 13 February, initially said it was an accident, despite two party politicians previously dying in questionable crashes. The MDC, formerly in opposition, may gain politically if it can prove the crash was a deliberate attempt to kill Mr Tsvangirai. The car was hit south of Harare by a lorry which, according to US officials, belonged to a partner organisation of USAid. It was accompanied by two government cars driven by Mugabe loyalists. The lorry sideswiped Mr Tsvangirai's car, hitting the rear offside, MDC sources said.