Zimbabwe blogs: 'Mugabe must go. He must go now'

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"I need to scream. I can't stand it anymore. I've been waiting, waiting for a press conference from the opposition and have just heard that they have pulled back. I'm going mad. Talk oscillates between deep fear that the delay is rigging, and the other talk is that big secret negotiations are being held. The former doesn't surprise me, the latter, however, bothers me ... what are they saying, is what I want to know!? What compromises are you making behind The People's back? Which of our dreams are you trading against our fears? Our voices and views are written on the walls and tents of polling stations everywhere. What else do we need to say?!! Aaaaaargh... ! OK... breathe, just breathe... Nah, screaming's better at this stage... Aaaaraaghh!!!"

Contributor to http://www.sokwanele.com/thisiszimbabwe

"Welcome to Rumour City! With results still only trickling out of the Zimbabwe EC, the rumour machine has been working overtime in Zimbabwe. With scarcely any facts to go on, imaginations are running riot."

Moses Moyo on http://www.zimbabwetoday.co.uk/

"I am so happy to see change is finally coming to my country. I have worked for 10 years. I think after change we will have a rainbow Zimbabwe made up of tolerance and I pray for a prosperous Zimbabwe... Sehambile!!!! (He is gone)."

Contributor to http://www.sokwanele.com/thisiszimbabwe

"Please God, one day we can look back and tell the grandkids about these dark hours and laugh. The dream is so close we can taste it; but the regime continues to wield the upper hand. Sitting by the radio and listening to the inane dead BC (Zimbabwean television) programming. This whole afternoon they have not given one result."

Contributor to http://www.sokwanele.com/thisiszimbabwe

"It would be a welcome breath of fresh air for Zimbabwe to have its first post-independence government without Mugabe and Zanu-PF at the helm. But it is not in the country's interests for the MDC's win to be the electoral "massacre" of Zanu-PF that the opposition party's official Tendai Biti boasted about soon after the end of voting ... Before Tsvangirai and the MDC mutate into power-drunk monster, which will happen within their first 12 months in power, we need to have a Zanu-PF that is poised to be a strong opposition party, to revive a rude, irreverent independent media, to start rebuilding an independent judiciary and to have various strong, non-partisan citizen political interest groups."

Contributor to http://zimreview.wordpress.com/

"Victory is in the air. But so is uncertainty... The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is announcing results at the pace of a wheelchair-less cripple making their way down a power-cut... corridor."

Comrade Fatso on http://comradefatso.vox.com

"Blaring from the speakers of a public address system with the din reaching more than five streets is music which is likely to earn the man spinning the discs a beating from the thought police. He plays Hugh Masekela where he exhorts by name African despots – including our very own – to cede power and retire peacefully; he plays Mbongeni Ngema's "Freedom Is Coming Tomorrow"... Imbibers enjoy the beer and music despite their circumstances, and for them hope lies in both the music and deep in their hearts that a better Zimbabwe is nigh."

Marko Phiri on http://www.kubatanablogs.net/kubatana

n "We have tried the democratic route more than three times now and the election has been stolen. We have tried the courts, and up to now Tsvangirai does not have a verdict for an election of 2002. We have no choice but to... exercise people power. [Kenya opposition leader Raila] Odinga asserted himself and the world... listened. If Tsvangirai thinks the international community is going to give us independence then he will remain in opposition forever. Let's reclaim State House, it's unoccupied anyway!!!"

Anonymous on http://www.kubatanablogs.net/kubatana

"Zimbabwe cannot move on with Mugabe at the helm; Mugabe must go, and he must go now before he plunges our beloved country into chaos and bloodshed. Zanu-PF may want to take comfort in the knowledge that they have rigged before and there was no uprising and South Africa and others looked away. That was then, this time the people of Zimbabwe will defend their vote; the prospect of another disastrous five years with Mugabe and Zanu-PF is motivation enough to take the struggle to the next level, on the streets. What Zimbabwe needs is a new leader with fresh ideas, not the look-east nonsense and diet of starvation that we have known with Mugabe."

Dewa Mavhinga on http://www.kubatanablogs.net/kubatana

"I went to the supermarket today to peruse the empty shelves. What fun. While there, I decided to run an informal survey. I asked nine people what they would do if Bob gets in. Six answered they would leave the country; one said she would follow me wherever I went; and only one said he would march on State House. I wonder if the six who are leaving have already cut their hole in the fence and what area of crime they will be forced to enter in their unwelcome destinations? Update: OK... I can't do even small sums. Maybe I should get a job for Zanu-PF?"

Contributor to http://www.sokwanele.com/thisiszimbabwe

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