911 Washington State school shooting calls released: ‘Blood is everywhere... I need help now’

Jaylen Fryberg killed four students and himself in shooting rampage

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The emergency 911 calls made after a teenage shooter embarked on a bloody rampage at a Washington state high school have been released by authorities in the US.

Jaylen Fryberg killed four students and fatally wounded himself when he opened fire inside a cafeteria at Marysville-Pilchuck High School last month on October 24.

The 15-year-old shot a .40 caliber Berretta at the table where two of his cousins and three close friends were gathered before fatally shooting himself, family members and witnesses said.

Fryberg had texted his friends and cousins asking them to meet him for lunch in the school cafeteria before the shooting spree. His family, prominent members of the Tulalip Indian Reservation, said there was no apparent rift between the cousins.

Jaylen Fryberg

On the audio tapes of the rampage, teacher Megan Silberberger can be heard desperately telling the dispatcher: "I am in the cafeteria. I have the shooter, one shooter. Blood is everywhere... I need help. I need help now.”

Screams and cries are heard during the exchange, while the panicked teacher continues: “I am looking at him. I need help. I need help now. Shooter, right here. He’s wearing all black. I’m staring at him right now, sitting next to him. I need staff now. Shooter right here.  Black pants, black shoes. Black pants, black shoes, black jacket. He’s (inaudible) other students.”

“He is a high school student,” she adds. “I do not know who he is. I tried to stop him before he shot himself. I do not know his name.  He shot himself. He shot – many are down. I do not know how many are down.”

The transcript has been published by The Seattle Times and other newspapers after they submitted public-disclosure requests for the audio records.

Other calls flooded in from school staff, parents and students at the school immediately after the shooting.

"Hello, I think there's been a shooting," one student at the school tells police. "Like, just like, not even like, two minutes ago. Can you please come?"

In another call one crying mother can be heard begging for advice for what to tell her daughter who was trapped inside the school.

A makeshift memorial is seen outside Marysville-Pilchuck High School the day after a school shooting

“My daughter just texted me that there are shots fired at her high school,” the woman tells the dispatcher, adding that her child and other students had ignored lock down instructions and fled classrooms. “What advice can I give to her?”

Fryberg, a popular football player, and victim Zoe Galasso died the day of the shooting. Gia Soriano, Shaylee Chuckulnaskit and Fryberg's cousin, Andrew Fryberg, later succumbed to their injuries.

The remaining victim, Nate Hatch, also a cousin of the gunman, was discharged from a local hospital last week.

The killings marked the latest in a string of such incidents at U.S. schools, renewing a national debate about student safety and gun control.

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