Ashley Madison hackers made staff's laptops play AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck'

Hard rock group's classic alerted employees to the attack

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The hackers behind the attack on infidelity website Ashley Madison alerted staff to the breach by setting their laptops to play AC/DC song 'Thunderstruck'.

More than 33 million people are thought to have been affected when the identities of people registered with the site were released following the hack.

Canadian police revealed a series of other details about the leak during a press conference in Toronto, saying two clients of the site are thought to have killed themselves and offering a $500,000 reward for information on the hackers.

Journalists present at the conference had been left perplexed when documents handed out as they arrived included a print-out of the lyrics to AC/DC's hit record.

Police later cleared up the mystery, saying the hackers' message that appeared on employees' laptop screens was accompanied by the sound of 'Thunderstruck' blaring from their speakers.

It is unclear exactly why the song in question was chosen, but it is suspected those behind the leak were seeking to imply the website had been left 'Thunderstruck' by the breach.