Brian Williams faces questions over more alleged embellishments after NBC suspension

NBC continues to investigate Brian Williams over his credibility

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Suspended NBC Anchor Brian Williams is facing further doubt about his credibility as at least two of his previous statements are being questioned, while NBC continues to investigate how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Questions have arisen about claims by Mr Williams that he was present the night the Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and that he was embedded with Navy SEAL Team 6 – the elite team that killed Osama bin Laden – at the start of the war in Iraq.

Speaking during a forum in 2008, Mr Williams said one of the top moments of his career was being at the Brandenburg Gates the night the Berlin Wall came down, CBS Los Angeles reported. Reports have emerged that he didn’t arrive until the next day.

Mr Williams also has spoken of his time with SEAL Team 6, saying he flew into Baghdad with them at the start of the war in Iraq. But the Huffington Post reported that a Special Operations spokesman said that SEAL Team 6 – and other Special Ops teams – does not embed journalists.

It is possible that Mr Williams encountered the team in other circumstances, but questions over the credibility of the story are heating up.

Mr Williams was suspended by NBC on Tuesday for six months without pay after he admitted to embellishing a war story on several occasions. He claimed that a helicopter he was flying in was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade and was forced to land. It was revealed that it wasn’t Mr Williams’ helicopter that was hit, but another helicopter in the convoy.

Rumours already were flying about that Mr Williams may not return to host Nightly News and those are intensifying as scrutiny on the suspended anchor increases. NBC has said that it plans to continue the investigation as long as necessary.


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