Castro is back in his military uniform

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The cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has been seen once again in the green military shirt that was his typical dress for decades, in his latest public appearance following four years spent in seclusion., an official website, showed a photograph of the 83-year-old comandante at a ceremony in the city of Artemisa, 36 miles outside of Havana, on Saturday in his first-known trip out of Havana since he re-emerged publicly two weeks ago.

The report said Mr Castro, who wore a military uniform for most of the 49 years he ruled Cuba, had on his "olive-green shirt of a thousand battles". In a report on state-run television, he was seen in jogging bottoms, his preferred legwear since he fell ill in July 2006.

Mr Castro went to Artemisa to pay homage to young rebels from the city who died on 26 July 1953 in an attack on the Moncada barracks in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba. The attack, led by Mr Castro, went badly, with many killed, but it is viewed as the start of the Cuban revolution that eventually put him in power in 1959. The country will today mark the 57th anniversary of the assault with a speech by Mr Castro's younger brother, President Raul Castro, in the city of Santa Clara.

Fidel Castro was largely out of the public eye for four years after he underwent intestinal surgery.