Dallas shooting - as it happened: Suspect confirmed dead after attack on police HQ

The incident began at around 12.30am in Dallas Texas when suspects in an armoured van fired several shots at police headquarters with automatic weapons

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A suspect has been killed after a police sniper shot him in the chest during a standoff, after an armoured van opened fire at Dallas Police headquarters.

The key developments:

  • Multiple shots were fired by an automatic weapon at the headquarters on from what appeared to be an armoured van.
  • Gunman was killed after being shot by a police sniper during an exchange of gunfire at a fast food restaurant car park in Hutchins.
  • Two explosive devices found near headquarters were detonated.
  • Police confirmed there have been no injuries to officers or civilians.
  • A police chief said: "We were increasingly concerned for our officers trying to negotiate with him. Our Swat team made the call and I believe it was the correct call to stop his violence."


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