Topless maid kills and almost decapitates client

Centia Renee Martin, 36, was convicted for 35 years to life in a LA court

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A topless maid and masseuse has been convicted of killing and almost decapitating her client.

Centia Renee Martin, 36, was hired by 74-year-old Robert Crigler on 10 January.

Officers believed Mr Crigler was killed at his Inglewood home, in a Los Angeles suburb, between 10 and 13 January, the court heard on 6 September.  

Deputy District Attorney Steven gates said Martin repeatedly bashed the former police officer over the head with a shotgun, before partially sawing his head off with a knife.

Mr Crigler’s body was eventually found in his flat by police officers on 13 January.

The victim was a former member of the Redondo Beach Swat team and a naval reservist.

Following a 21-day trial, the jury deliberated for four hours and found Martin guilty on a charge of first-degree murder. The former maid, who had represented herself, was immediately sentenced to 35 years to life in prison.

There are a number of services in LA that offer a "topless maid" service after first attracting attention in the 1990s. The service made headlines again three years ago when it was featured on US chatshow host Ellen DeGeneres's programme.