Don't read this alone: Imgur user posts creepy pictures of secret stairs hidden behind a bookcase... and someone is living there. Or is this just the most terrifying online hoax ever?

Pictures purport to show a set of secret stairs hidden behind a bookcase, along with photographs suggesting someone may be living in the walls

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As a hoax it's terrifying enough. If it's real it will likely keep you awake at night for a very long time...

A user of the online image hosting service 'imgur' has posted pictures purporting to show a set of secret stairs hidden behind a bookcase, along with photographs suggesting someone may be living in his walls.

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The story and pictures were posted on 'imgur' yesterday and were quickly picked up and posted to Reddit.

The story and the images have prompted fierce debate over their veracity with many suggesting the story is a hoax. Almost equal numbers of people, however, appear to have been completely taken in.

The post begins with a picture of a bookcase accompanied by the caption: "I'm currently staying at a friends house.. Here's why."

The poster, who calls themselves 'TwoBiteBrownie' continues: "I moved into a house about a year ago. The previous owners built the house in the early 2000's, and moved to India two years ago. This picture above shows my parents' room. Then the other day, we found this."

The next image shows the bookcase opens from the wall to reveal a staircase. "My little brother and me were messing around, and I pushed him into the shelf. When he fell, he pulled out the bookshelf with him. We always assumed it was just built into the wall," he writes.

The Imgur user claims that he or she found dolls within the crawlspace

'TwoBiteBrownie' goes on to post further pictures (see gallery above) showing the spiral staircase continuing straight into the wall. They go on to post pictures of a hidden crawl space full of sweet packets, which the user claims were from their "Halloween candy", along with dolls, a key and a strange elephant.

The pictures show the crawl space also contained a number of creepy looking dolls. As yet no update has been posted though 

'TwoBiteBrownie' has promised to give an update once the police report back.

So, what do you think? The creepiest hoax ever? Or just plain creepy?

UPDATE: 'TwoBiteBrownie' has sought to address readers' concerns over the veracity of his tale.