Fireworks: San Diego 'does an Oban'


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Remember the fifth of November? Residents of Oban in Argyll and Bute do, because on Bonfire Night last year organisers of a firework display set off several thousand pounds' worth of fireworks in a minute.

It was a wonderful spectacle, but sadly for local residents, one that didn't quite justify a night standing in a damp field. It was the pyrotechnic equivalent of going to the Fat Duck and ordering the tasting menu to come all at the same time.

But, watch out, Obanites, you've got a competitor… step forward, San Diego! The Californian city's "Big Bay Boom" Fourth of July display is advertised as one of the biggest in the US. However, a technical glitch reduced the planned 18-minute display to a 15-second berserker instead. Videos of the spectacle show what looks like several neutron bombs exploding to about half a verse of "We Will Rock You". Which is brilliant. Obviously.