Flossie Dickey: 110-year-old woman refuses to co-operate in 'patronising' live TV interview on her birthday

Asked if she was excited about her party, supercentenarian says: 'Not one bit'

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When a US news channel chose to interview a woman live on TV on the day of her 110th birthday, they may have anticipated a relatively straightforward broadcast.

But - to the obvious discomfort of the Fox28 reporter, but delight of some viewers - Flossie Dickey was in no mood to humour her interrogators.

The tone of the interview was set early on when the Good Day Spokane show's presenter, Nichole Mischke, asked her whether she was excited about her party.

"Not one bit," she replied tersely.

Ms Dickey has three children, 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great-grandchildren.

Most of the presenter's subsequent questions were met by pointed sighs, one-word answers or complete silence.

Her fullest response came when asked what the secret was to her long age, when she simply said: "I don't know. I don't fight it. I live it."

Kris Bahr, who works at the Cheney Care Centre in Spoken County, Washington, told Fox28: "She's a jokester. 

"Her favourite thing, according to her family, is to sit down and have some whisky, straight up."

Before the interview, Ms Mischke said she had been trying to talk to the 110-year-old to get her to stay awake.

"How do you think you'd feel if you were 110?" she asked, according to a post on the anchor's Facebook page.

Danny Baker posted video of the interview on his Twitter page, writing: "Good for her! 110 year old woman couldn't give two f***s about TV show's patronising horses**t."