‘God is with us’: Hanging cross found in tornado debris

Storms in Oklahoma and Arkansas caused tornadoes on Wednesday night

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Strong storms gave way to tornadoes on Wednesday night in Arkansas and Oklahoma, killing one person, flipping cars and wreaking havoc in the US Midwest. The Weather Channel reported that the death was the first related to a tornado in the US in 2015.

But people in Moore, Oklahoma have found some hope in the debris. A power pole broken into the shape of the cross became caught in power lines and suspended above the town, according to the local ABC affiliate.

Chase Rhodes, a high school student in Moore, Oklahoma, took a photo of the power pole, along with the quote “Just found this after the tornado. God is with us.”


Some 75,000 people were without power after the storms and Interstate 35 was closed in both directions in the Oklahoma town. The storm also caused natural gas leaks in some homes and dropped hail the size of grapefruits, according to reports.


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