Husband of Briton murdered in US disowns accused son

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The grieving husband of a British woman murdered in her home in the US today said: "I no longer have a son."

Tracy Brannan, 33, originally from Glasgow, died after she was stabbed to death at the Omaha, Nebraska, home she shared with her husband Harold, 60, who was also injured.

Her stepson David Brannan, 21, is alleged to have attacked her and then stabbed himself.

The couple married in May after Mrs Brannan, born Tracy Wyatt, moved to America to start a new life.

Today, Mr Brannan Senior told how the three of them had enjoyed a family meal together before the evening took a tragic turn.

Mr Brannan. a psychologist, told American news channel WOWT: "Up until the last 10 minutes everything was wonderful, then something changed in him, I really don't know what.

"Tracy was saying to Dave, 'Dave, we want you to come up. We want you to be part of the family.

"We've enjoyed this. This has been great. You need to come up out of the basement. You need to be out on your own. You need to be doing stuff in the world that brings you life."

But Mr Brannan said an argument began, with his son insulting Mrs Brannan.

The younger man went into the basement, while Mrs Brannan went outside.

After hearing a door slam later, Mr Brannan went outside to find his wife lying injured on the ground while his son circled nearby.

He told the channel: "I ran to the back door. I opened it, she was on her knees with blood all over the ground.

"I saw him circle and go to her, kick her, viciously kick her."

He added: "I held her, I tried to stop the bleeding, I kept saying Tracy don't leave me, don't leave me."

Police were called to the scene in South 122nd Avenue at 4.40am on July 24 and found three people with various stab and cutting injuries.

All three were taken to Nebraska Medical Centre after the incident.

Mr Brannan needed hospital treatment for his injuries but was later released, while his son remained in hospital.

Police in Omaha said yesterday that when David Brennan is released from hospital, he will be charged for the murder of Tracy Brannan, and the felony assault of Harold Brannan.

Mr Brannan said: "I no longer have a son. I remember the little boy but that little boy must have died a long time ago.

"He should never be allowed into society again because he will do this again. Don't ever let him out. He should never be allowed into society again because he will do this again."

Before moving to the US, Mrs Brannan worked for Loch Fyne Oysters near Inveraray in Argyll for 15 years.

She worked in the Oyster Bar, latterly in the role of assistant head chef.