Man arrested for shooting through bedroom window with assault rifle while 'hunting zombies'

'I’m out here making sure my neighbourhood is safe. I didn’t see the cops, so I figured I’d do something'

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A man has been arrested for firing a gun through the window of a suburban home while pretending to hunt zombies, narrowly missing the homeowner who was asleep at the time.

Ryan Stanislaw was taken in for questioning by police in the city of North St Paul, Minnesota, after it emerged the 24 year old had been loitering around homes at 5am holding an AR-15 assault rifle.

Officers confirmed Stanislaw had fired a bullet which smashed through the window of a bedroom belonging to Ken Quaale, and ricocheted off the walls.

“I’m out here making sure my neighbourhood is safe,” he told police during an interrogation.“I didn’t see the cops, so I figured I’d do something.” He said he was “shooting at a zombie” at the end of the road but his shot missed.

Stanislaw was carrying custom-made green-tipped bullets at the time of his arrest, which were reportedly marketed as “zombie-killing bullets” according to CBS Minnesota.

Arrest records from Ramsey County said he was charged with a firearm violation as well as possession of a firearm by an ineligible person.

Police said they suspected Stanislaw had been drinking at the time of the incident, and his mother claimed he had “no history of mental illness”, although he had recently been convicted of making terrorist threats to local residents.

Mr Quaale has so far declined to comment on the incident.