Man dangled for 30 minutes out of a 15th-floor window by his trousers before being rescued

He was saved by his neighbours

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A video has emerged showing a man hanging out of the 15th floor window of a building in Russia.

The man was left dangling for 30 minutes with just one foot.

It is believed that his trousers became hooked onto the window frame of the yellow and grey apartment block in Novosibirsk. But it is not known what led him to fall.

The video footage zooms in to show the man, who is yet to be identified, attempting to pull himself back inside the building.

However, he had to wait until his neighbours managed to get into his apartment to be rescued, which is not shown in the footage.

Emergency services were called to the scene and the Siberian Times reported that a spokesman said: “A man had been hanging on the balcony on 15th floor with one of his feet for 30 minutes before he was rescued by his neighbours who broke into his apartment.”