Missouri man 'drew gun after Sandy Hook argument'


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The Independent US

A man in Missouri faces assault charges for allegedly drawing a weapon outside a barber shop and shooting at another customer after an argument about the Sandy Hook massacre.

The incident comes as Washington DC remains locked in an emotive debate about guns in the wake of the school shooting that left 28 children and adults dead.

The altercation took place at a barber shop in Wentzville, Missouri. Lester Davis, 57, was at the All Cuts Barber Shop when a discussion among customers turned to the Newtown shootings.

A customer commented that the shooting made him want to kill the suspect (who in fact killed himself at Sandy Hook). This is reported to have been read by Mr Davis as a threat. “You want to murder me?” he said, according to a police report, before allegedly fetching a pistol from his car and firing three times in the customer’s direction.

Though not fatal, it is the latest example of gun violence since Sandy Hook. A woman was shot and killed inside a Las Vegas casino, three people were shot in an Alabama hospital and three police officers were killed in incidents in Topeka and Memphis.