Protesters in Brazil torch buses after Good Friday killing

21-year-old Anderson Santos Silva was hit by a stray bullet during a clash between police and suspected drug traffickers

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The death of a 21-year-old man in Brazil sparked off protests over the Easter weekend.

Residents in a city near Rio de Janeiro set alight four buses to remonstrate the death of Anderson Santos Silva, who was killed by a bullet on his way to a Good Friday church service.

Protesters in Niteroi blamed police for the killing, saying that Mr Silva died while trying to protect his mother and 9-year-old sister from bullets from a gunfight involving officers.

According to media reports, military police have denied any wrongdoing. They said that Silva was killed by a stray bullet during a clash between police and suspected drug traffickers.

O Globo newspaper reported that protesters also set fire to a truck and two cars, along with the four passenger buses.

Mr Silva was buried Saturday.


Rio de Janeiro is due to host the World Cup this summer, as well as the 2016 Olympics.

This latest incident will feed into growing security fears ahead of the international events. Last month the governor of Rio de Janeiro brought in more than 1,000 military police to occupy Complexo da Mare, one of the most violent shanty towns in the city.

The favela has been ruled by drug trafficking gangs for the last four years and represents one of the biggest security challenges for Brazil as the World Cup approaches.

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