Super Bowl Diary: Brangelina's Public Display of Affection

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Preparing, perhaps, for yesterday's announcement that they are to sue the News of the World over "false allegations" that they are splitting up, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie turned the game into one big Public Display of Affection. The starry couple, who own a house in New Orleans' French Quarter, spent Super Bowl afternoon at the stadium, rooting for their team while exchanging hugs, smiles, and high-fives for the cameras.

* Super Bowl television ads are supposed to showcase the best that America's branding industry has to offer. Headlines were stolen, however, by an anti-abortion advert, and a slot promoting David Letterman's chat show that saw him share a sofa with arch-rival Jay Leno and Oprah Winfrey. "This is the worst Super Bowl party ever," said Letterman. To which Ms Winfrey replied: "Now David, be nice!"

* What does an old rocker do when his Super Bowl performance doesn't get the crowd going? In the case of The Who's Roger Daltrey, he moans. "I really wished the crowd would have gotten into singing the songs with us more," he said. The Chicago Sun-Times called Daltrey and band-mate Pete Townshend "woefully flat and way out of synch... two grizzled old pros going through the motions for a high-profile payday". The Houston Chronicle said they "harmonised like bickering walruses".