US undecided over Venezuela's disputed election result


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The United States has not yet decided whether to recognise Nicolas Maduro as President of Venezuela, pending clarification of the dispute there over a recount of the vote, Secretary of State John Kerry said.

“That evaluation has to be made and I haven’t made it,” Mr Kerry said when asked if Washington would recognise the election result, which is disputed by the opposition. “We think there ought to be a recount,” Mr Kerry said.

Post-election street violence in the country has led to seven deaths.

President-elect Mr Maduro spent Tuesday on state TV demonising defeated rival Henrique Capriles as “a murderer” and coup plotter. He also heaped blame on Washington.

Opposition leader Mr Capriles, meanwhile, cancelled a planned march to demand a recount, saying the government had plotted to start trouble and blame it on him.