Video: Empty ATM machine falls on bungling thief in botched casino robbery

Police reported hours after the burglary that the ATM machine was completely empty

Two bungling thieves in Canada were left empty-handed when they stole an ATM from a Calgary casino, only to discover that it was empty.

CCTV video shows the two thieves breaking into the casino in Calgary, Alberta early on Wednesday morning.

The video shows the thieves using crowbars to smash the doors, before collecting the ATM and wheeling it away on a dolly. However, the thieves soon realised that their efforts were in vain after police revealed that the ATM was completely empty.

Following the bungled burglary, Travis Baker, Detective Sergeant of the Calgary Police, told local media: "There’s no money in the machine

"If they haven’t gotten into it yet, I’m sure they’re fairly disappointed right now."


If that was not bad enough for the pair, the footage also shows the ATM fall on one of the men as he attempts wheel it out of the building.

According to police, there were several employees in the building but none of them came into contact with the thieves.

The ATM smash and grab was the thirteenth to happen in the Calgary area since last August.

According to the police, thieves rarely get away with much money from these raids as the money in the ATMs are emptied several times a day.