Watch: Student who would 'never talk again' becomes viral singing sensation

Amber Simone Chinn's song on 'women empowerment and walking away from domestic abuse' garners almost three million hits in three weeks

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A young student – who was never expected to breathe on her own or even speak – now looks set to make it big in music after a mobile-shot video of her singing at a friend’s poolside went viral.

19-year-old Amber Simone Chinn, a student at New York’s Buffalo State University, was born with craniosynostosis, a rare skull defect which causes babies to develop an abnormally-shaped head, leading to learning difficulties.

When she was six months old, Amber underwent an operation, from which she was not expected to fully recover and her parents were told she would never talk again, reports Buffalo news channel, WGRZ.

Three weeks ago, however, Amber was at a friend’s graduation party when she was filmed singing Jhene Akio’s ‘The Worst’ – a song that, she says, is close to her heart because it’s “about women empowerment and the need to confront and walk away from domestic abuse.”

The clip was posted on Facebook and YouTube and has, so far, racked-up almost three million hits which, Amber says, is “hard to grasp.”

She added: “I have confidence, but I never thought me sitting by the pool – a random video – would be so viral.”

Calling it a miracle that she was able to start breathing on her own after the operation – and grateful for avoiding a tracheotomy – the singer said: “I wouldn’t be able to have a voice at all, I wouldn’t be able to sing at all.”

Amber is now working with local music producers on an original song and is asking people to help her create a music label by visiting her GoFundMe page.

Watch the incredible video below: