'Dead' Filipino child who woke up at her own funeral pronounced dead again

According to reports, doctors have found no signs of life in the girl who came back to life during her funeral on Sunday

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A three-year-old child who came back to life at her own funeral has been pronounced dead again, according to reports.

Although reports are yet to be confirmed officially, it is believed that the three-year-old Filipino girl who became the subject of a viral video, which showed her coming back to life during her funeral on Sunday, has died.

The video that appears to show the small child from the south Philippines city of Aurora coming back to life went viral on Youtube, gaining over 4 million views in just two days.

However, latest reports say that the girl, who once again fell into a coma on Sunday, was pronounced dead by doctors on Monday.

A report on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website today said that the girl had once again been pronounced dead by doctors.

While other websites in the Philippines have confirmed the news, reporting that after tests by doctors no signs of life had been found in the three-year-old.

The young child was first pronounced dead on Saturday morning after tests by doctors could not find life in the girl who had been suffering from a fever for several days.

Family members were told by doctors that the girl could not be revived and allowed the girl to be taken home and arrangements for her funeral to be made.

After organising the funeral for the following day, mourners were carrying the coffin into the church when one of the attendees saw that the ‘dead’ girl was moving.

According to reports, her parents’ neighbour had removed the lid of her coffin to arrange the body on Sunday and noticed the girl’s head move.

The toddler was then lifted out of the coffin, still breathing, and wrapped in a shawl as amazed mourners looked on in disbelief.

Local police chief Inspector, Heidil Teelan, confirmed to The Philippines Star that the girl had appeared to be dead when doctors checked on Saturday morning, but said that the girl must have been in “a state of comatose”.

The toddler was returned home and a video of the miraculous event was then posted.

A number of reported cases of people waking up after being pronounced dead have been reported in recent years.

In March a 79-year-old man from the US woke up in a body bag moments before he was about to be embalmed and in Egypt a 28-year-old man woke up after his death certificate had been signed and his body had been washed in preparation for his burial.