Internet critics point out the phallic nature of China's People's Daily newspaper new headquarters

Users on Sina Weibo social network censored for mocking the shape of building in Beijing

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In London we have the Gherkin and the Cheesegrater, so-called for the skyscrapers' physical resemblance to their namesakes.

So one must wonder what the people of China will begin to call the headquarters of the state newspaper, the People's Daily, that recently popped up in Beijing.

With its imposing oblong structure and rounded conical top, the tower has drawn more than a few comparisons with a certain part of the male anatomy.

Criticism of the ongoing construction project has forced moderators on Sina Weibo - China's answer to Twitter - to censor those discussing the unique piece of architecture.

However, some comments have managed to sneak through the vetting process, allowing users to poke fun at the recent erection.

"Of course the national mouthpiece should be imposing," said one user.

"It seems the People's Daily is going to rise up, there's hope for the Chinese dream," said another, referencing a Communist Party slogan.

China's obscure state architecture has attracted attention before, with the China Central Television headquarters being nicknamed The Big Underpants.

It also wouldn't be the first time that a building has been associated with male genitalia - The Palace of Culture in Warsaw is pejoratively known by locals as Stalin's Penis.