Is this the biggest traffic jam ever? Extraordinary 26-lane gridlock photographed

Attempt to tackle rush hour bottleneck outside the Indian capital appears to have made the situation worse

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Be thankful your commute doesn't look like this.

Thousands of exasperated Indian motorists found themselves stranded in a 26-lane traffic jam outside the capital New Delhi this week.

Images of the rush hour nightmare were tweeted by Anil Sood, who captioned them: "Corruption, inefficiency, robbery, fleecing of Commuters colossal national waste of precious FE man hours".

Moves to tackle conjestion on the road between New Delhi and Gurgaon have apparently been unsuccessful (Anil Sood/Twitter)

The gridlock on the main road between New Delhi and Gurgaon appears to be a regular occurrance.

The tailbacks are apparently the result of local officials attempting to tackle traffic snarl-ups between the capital and Gurgaon by removing a toll station.

But the move appears to have only made the situation worse.

A report by The Times of India said the hold-ups have led to a "blame game" between local traffic police and officials from India's National Highways Authority that has left motorists "stuck in the middle".