Miners find giant £140 million jade stone in Burma

Stone is 18ft long, 18ft wide and 9ft high - and weighs approximately 175 tonnes

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Miners in Burma have found one of the world’s most valuable pieces of jade.

The stone is valued at £140 million and was discovered in a remote mine in Kachin State, in the north of the country.

The stone is is 18ft long, 18ft wide and 9ft high and weighs approximately 175 tonnes. 

Local politician U Tint Soe said the piece of jade was as big as two small houses.

“I assume that it is a present for the fate for our citizens, the government and our party as it was discovered in the time of our government. It's a very good sign for us,” he said.

One of the miners, 44-year-old Sao Min, dedicated the find to Burma.

“We thought we had won the lottery. But this belongs to the country. It is in honour of our leaders,” Mr Min said, the Daily Mail reported.

Burma, also known as Myanmar, is the source of nearly all the world’s finest jadeite - which is responsible for almost half of the country’s GDP.

The boulder will be sent off to China, where it is expected to be carved into jewellery and sculptures.