Video: CCTV footage shows man's unprovoked knife attack on busy Chinese bus

The attacker was able to stab a number of bus passengers before the driver and passengers were able to restrain him

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A dramatic CCTV video has been released showing a man’s unprovoked knife attack on a busy commuter bus in China.

The footage taken on 1 November captures the attacker approach an unwitting passenger from behind before strangling him with a piece of chord while holding a knife to his throat.

Hearing the cries of the man under attack, startled passengers rush to the front of the bus asking for the driver to stop the vehicle.

However, before the bus can be brought to a stop, the man with the knife begins stabbing the remaining passengers with his knife.

When finally stationary, the driver takes action, and along with three other passengers is able to restrain the attacker and take possession of the knife.

Video: Watch the dramatic footage below

The three men are then able to drag the attacker off the bus and hold him until the Police arrive and can detain the attacker.

According to officials, it was later discovered that the attacker had a history of mental health problems.