Polish stunt cyclist smashes World Record by climbing 3,139 steps while on the back of a bike

Krystian Herba beat his previous record of 2,755 stairs climbed

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A Polish stunt biker smashed his own World Record over the weekend by climbing up over 3,000 stairs while on the back of his bike.

Krystian Herba completed the impressive feat on Sunday in Taiwan, when he climbed from the first to the 52nd floor of the Taipei 101 building - the world's former tallest building. The attempt saw him jump a staggering 3139 steps in just under two hours 12 minutes.

The completion of the climb saw him beat his previous record that saw him climb the 2,755 stairs of Melbourne’s Eureka Tower.

Speaking after the beating his record, the 33-year-old high school physical education teacher told reporters: "I'm really tired. I'm really happy. It was absolutely the most difficult and hardest challenge in my life." AN66048188epa04674040 Polis.jpgAs part of six-month his training for the climb, Herba said that he did a lot of running and gym work, as well as by practicing going up and down the stairwells of a 17-storey building in his hometown of Rzeszow.

And Herba doesn’t plan to stop there, he has already announced his desire to take on the 108-storey Willis Tower in Chicago next year.