Snow leopard captured on video by skiiers in India

A group of five skiiers captured the rare moment while skiing on the slopes of Gulmarg in northern-India.

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Video has emerged showing a group of five skiiers encountering an endangered snow leopard in Gulmarg, a popular skiing destination in India’s northern state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Owen Lansburry, an Australian on holiday in India, captured the moment.

He wrote in a Facebook post: “OK – so the story is we skied our first powder line and the guide in yellow almost ran over the leopard.”

“I stopped just as it huddled in the snow, where it stayed for about a minute checking us out.”

"It then let out a solid roar and bounded away down the slope towards Dave, but scooted off into the forest, where we think it probably had a kill stashed. Pretty amazing experience!”

Snow leopards are an endangered species – increasing temperatures caused by climate change and poaching have left around 500 in the Indian Himalayas.