Third Chinese kindergarten attack in a week

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A farmer attacked nursery students with a hammer, hurting five, before burning himself to death yesterday. It led the government to demand tighter school security.

Wang Yonglai used a motorcycle to break down the gate of the Shangzhuang Primary School in the eastern city of Weifang. He struck a teacher before he hit students with the hammer, the Xinhua News Agency said. Wang then grabbed two children before pouring petrol over himself and setting it alight. Teachers pulled the children to safety, but Wang died. None of the students suffered life-threatening injuries. Wang's motive is unknown.

The attack follows a knife rampage at a nursery on Thursday by a 47-year-old; 29 children under six were wounded. On Wednesday, a 33-year-old former teacher knived 15 students and a teacher at a Leizhou primary school.