Video: Two people killed in 100 car pile-up on airport bridge in Seoul

Authorities say icy conditions and thick fog caused the pile-up near the Incheon International Airport in Seoul

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At least two people have been killed in a pile-up involving 100 cars in the South Korean capital Seoul.

Icy conditions and thick fog were said to be the reasons behind the massive accident that saw a further 68 people injured near the Incheon International Airport in the west of the city.

Of the 68 injured, seven were said to be in a serious condition on Wednesday evening. The chain-reaction pile-up that happened on the bridge that connects mainland Seoul to the airport on Yongjing Island, is believed to have occurred when a bus hit the back of a car.

The poor visibility on the bridge meant oncoming traffic was unable to see the incident ahead until it was too late.

This led to the pile-up which saw dozens of badly damaged cars block the road for over 100 metres.

Footage from the scene shows emergency workers trying to clear the road of the crumpled and twisted cars that brought traffic from the airport to a standstill for hours after the incident.

Pile-up 2.jpgOn Thursday morning, officials from the Incheon Seobu Police Station said the damaged cars had now been removed from the bridge.

Lee Gyeong-hoon, a 39-year-old driver whose car was involved in the crash, said the fog prevented him from seeing much more than 10 meters ahead.

He said: “I saw the brake lights of the car in front of me turn on and I stopped abruptly,” said Lee, whose car was hit from behind. He was able to open the door and escape to the side.

This is not the first time that heavy fog has led to a fatal pile-up on the busy airport bridge, in 2006, 11 people died and 50 more were injured in a 29-car pile-up.

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