Africa is 'rescuing' old people from Denmark

The Adopt a Dane Foundation responds to outcry over aid

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Europe's increasingly hardline treatment of refugees and migrants is being mocked in a spoof video that "encourages" Africans to help the poor and vulnerable in Denmark.

Made by the Danish radio station P3-DR, the video mocks the hard line sentiments which have been on the rise across Scandinavia and northern Europe.

It it, Jackson Nouwah, founder of the entirely fictional 'Adopt A Dane Foundation', tells viewers he was inspired to set up the group after seeing social media comments compaining of money being spent on Africa instead of old people.


Footage shows members of the group looking after elderly Danes. 

"Old people are not a burden," Mr Nouwah says, "they are a wonderful gift."

Some in Denmark believe that their country's aid efforts, both at home and overseas, should be reappropriated to help Danes.  

The plight of the country’s elderly citizens has received particular attention on social media. 

Denmark has also been at the centre of international recently after it passed a bill that allows authorities in the country to confiscate the jewellery of asylum seekers.