Charlie Hebdo survivor: 'I turned around and my world tumbled'

Video: Interview with maintenance worker who saw his colleague, Frédéric Boisseau, killed at Charlie Hebdo's offices

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The colleague of the maintenance worker who was the first person to be killed by the Kouachi brothers in the attack on Charlie Hebdo's offices has spoken about last Wednesday's ordeal.

Jeremy Ganz spoke to AFP about being next to his fellow maintenance worker, Frederic Boisseau, in the entrance lobby of Hebdo's headquarters when the Kouachi brothers entered and shot Boisseau.

The pair were conducting some technical maintenance work at the time. Boisseau had been an employee of the company, Sodexo, for 15 years.

"It went so fast," Ganz said. "We just had time to look up that's all. I saw a door opening, a guy was shouting, 'Charlie!' and he fired. I didn't see right away that Fredo  got injured. As soon as they were out of sight, Fredo shouted, 'Jeremy!' I turned around and my world tumbled."

Ganz, 32, told reporters that he and Boisseau were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ganz said that in his profession, both he and Boisseau expected to be electrocuted but no to take a bullet from a Kalashnikov. "We woke up to go to work, and he took a bullet", he said.

42-year-old Boisseau was the the first victim of the Paris attacks last week. The brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi, killed 12 in a massacre that started at Hebdo's offices in Paris on January 7. They were shot dead by police two days later. Boisseau was the father of two teenagers.

Speaking about the moments after Boisseau was shot, Ganz explained how he tried to get his friend to safety.

"He was conscious, but he couldn't do anything. So I did everything. I hid in the restroom with him, I pulled him, I shut the door as quickly as possible...I couldn’t get a hold of anybody.

"I want to say this again: he was such a great man, he didn't even think of himself in the end. He thought of his children and his wife."

Ganz was speaking at a press conference in Boulogne-Billancourt, west of Paris, alongside Christophe Boisseau, the brother of Frederic.