Death leap father on murder charge

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A Bristol man who plunged from a hotel balcony in Greece with his two children has been charged with murder after his six-year-old son died in the fall.

John Hogan's son, Liam, died from serious injuries he suffered in the incident at a holiday resort in southern Crete.

The Bardley Stoke businessman's two-year-old daughter, Mia, is believed to have suffered a broken arm and is in a stable condition in hospital.

She apparently had her fall cushioned by the other bodies and is expected to be released from hospital by Friday.

Hogan, 32, who suffered a broken arm, leg and chest injuries in the fall, was on holiday with his wife Natasha, the Foreign Office confirmed.

Hogan is under police guard in hospital and has been charged with murder and attempted murder, the Foreign Office said.

His next door neighbour William Evans said he was shocked to hear of the incident.

He told the Daily Mirror: "John doted on his wife and children. I never even heard them argue. They were his life. I can't comprehend how he could have done this. What on Earth was going through his head? He was such a genuine guy who worked hard and loved playing with his kids."

Mr Evans added: "The children were angels, so full of smiles and well behaved. Mia is a chatty little girl. Liam was a bright little boy, loved football and was never in trouble.

The incident occurred at the Petra Mare Hotel, a 227-bedroom four star beachfront hotel in Ierapetra, a popular holiday destination on the island. A guard at a police station in Ierapetra said he believed the fall followed a row between the man and his wife.