Fanny from Sweden told name 'not valid' and blocked from Sainsbury's points card

Fanny Carlsson has now decided to start using her middle name – 'Linnéa'

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A Swedish woman living in the UK was told her name – Fanny – was 'not valid' when she tried to apply for a loyalty card at Sainsbury's.

Fanny Carlsson, from Uddevalla in Sweden, said she found the decision, presumably made because of the connotations between her first name and a woman's private parts, "amusing" – and said she had reapplied using her middle name, Linnéa, instead.

The story has gone viral in Sweden, after she tweeted a screen shot of the supermarket's online application form.

"Because I already knew what 'Fanny' meant before I moved to England, I have chosen to call myself Linnéa at work," the 19-year-old told The Local.


"It's pretty much only when I talk to Swedes that I use my first name."

Ms Carlsson added: "My parents already knew I had had some problems with my name, so they're mainly just happy they gave me a middle name that works better!"

Nectar, which manages Sainsbury's loyalty cards, said in a statement: "Like many companies we block a number of words on the Nectar website. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to this particular customer and are reviewing this going forward.”