Man goes for a ride, reverses into a tornado

Video: A car pulls out of his garage only to be confronted by a life-threatening tornado

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Russia is notorious for its extreme weather.

The latest dashcam from the country reveals just what it is like to experience the full force of a tornado - and the footage is devastating.

The video starts off rather sedately, the camera filming the driver slowly pulling out of his garage, rain hitting the windscreen as the surrounding landscape comes into view, the weather noticeably misty.

Then, as the driver turns onto the muddy road, a roof tile is sent flying across the road and the plants to the left begin the sway violently. More roofing is sent soaring into the sky from another house as the wind from the left of the screen begins to lift the dirt from the road and create a strong dust cloud that pushes the car round back towards the garage. However, the garage is no longer there; the whole frame has been ripped to shreds.

The car then comes to a halt, clearly caught in a sea of debris from the surrounding houses. As the tornado passes and the cloud and mist seeps away, a scene of utter devastation can be seen where there had once been just a garage.

ViralHog claim that the date on the dashcam, which implies the footage is from 2012, is incorrect and that the incident occurred on 29 August this year in Bashkiria, Russia.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta claimed the tornado that hit Bashkiria claimed 40 victims and damaged around 500 houses in the area.