Ramzan Kadyrov hits back at YouTube mockery of burning skyscraper


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Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, says he has identified the people who posted mocking videos on YouTube when Grozny’s tallest building caught fire last week. He added that they have been arrested and will be forced to take part in rebuilding the skyscraper.

“The new building will be even more beautiful than the old one, Inshallah,” Mr Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram feed.

“The two residents of our republic who put a video of the burning building online with gloating slogans will take an active part in the reconstruction of the building. They have admitted their mistake and promised not to shirk from the work.”

Flames spread throughout the 40-storey building, the highest in the Caucasus region, after fire broke out on the third floor last week. The Grozny City complex has become the symbol of Chechnya’s new capital, which was destroyed during two vicious wars but has been rebuilt using Kremlin money under the firm and controversial rule of Mr Kadyrov, a former rebel.

The Chechen has become well known for his use of Instagram, and he held a vote on his Instagram account to decide which of two competing designs would be used for the reconstruction of the tower.