Trending: Yannick Noah's 'David Hasselhoff moment'


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One of the defining moments of the Socialist Party's François Hollande's victory in the French Presidential election on Sunday evening was the sight of Yannick Noah singing at the Place de la Bastille.

While not quite as odd as David Hasselhoff singing "Looking for Freedom" on the Berlin Wall in 1989, it stood out among European political moments, primarily because most of us remember Noah as a tennis player. The first black man to win the French Open, in 1990 Noah swapped the singles tour for hit singles.

He has recorded 10 albums, with success in France, Belgium and Switzerland. He also made his political views known, as a supporter of left wing Ségolène Royal.

Noah's not the only tennis player making a racket with music. Trending has previously directed listeners towards doubles players Bob and Mike Bryan who put out a song with a guest rap from Andy "Mobb Deep" Murray. As for John McEnroe and Pat Cash's cover of Led Zep's "Rock'n'Roll" (feat Roger Daltrey)... it's possibly one for Nicolas Sarkozy's defeat party.