Italians capture video of huge tornado as it sweeps through Venice

'This is the most violent phenomena in Italy since 2013'

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At least one person is reported dead and dozens injured after a tornado ripped through the suburbs of Venice.

People in the Italian towns of Dolo and Mira, outside of Venice, have filmed a tornado tearing through their homes and giant hailstones falling from the sky.

One terrifying video shows a family driving in a car, trying to avoid the tornado’s path as it changes course.

The tornado is shown taking tiles off the roofs of houses and damaging a petrol station. Images of the area after the storm have revealed extensive damage.

Winds speeds between 136 and 165mph were recorded. The tornado has been classified as level 3 on the Enhanced Fujits (EF) scale. The highest level is EF5.

Italian news site, You reporter said "this is the most violent phenomena in Italy since 2013."