Australia to investigate mysterious case of 'Prisoner X' Ben Zygier


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Australia will conduct its own investigation into the arrest, detention and death of Mossad agent Ben Zygier who died in an Israeli prison two years ago – and will ask Israeli officials to provide evidence.

Israeli-Australian Zygier – who was known only as "Prisoner X" during his secret incarceration – was identified only after an Australian television investigation.

Israel has only confirmed his identification, but not why he was in prison or that he was a member of Mossad.

“We want to give [Israel] an opportunity to submit to us an explanation of how this tragic death came about,” foreign minister Bob Carr said yesterday.

The government in Canberra has been criticised for not uncovering the case. Mr Carr said that the review was ordered the review to satisfy himself that the Australian government had done what it could for Zygier.