Bomb explodes at mosque where Saddam Hussein's father is buried

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A bomb exploded today at the mosque where Saddam Hussein's father is buried in northern Iraq, police said.

The blast damaged a dome and blew out windows and doors at the Hussein al-Majid mosque, but caused no casualties, said police Captain Qais Abdul-Majid.

The attack came less than a week after a revered Shia shrine was destroyed in the central city of Samarra, triggering a wave of reprisal attacks against Sunni mosques. Shia leaders blamed Saddam loyalists and Sunni-led insurgents for the destruction of the Askariya shrine.

Saddam was due in court again today with seven co-defendants for the killing of nearly 150 people from the town of Dujail after a 1982 assassination attempt there against the former Iraqi dictator.